Joining the Club

By January 12, 20109 Comments

So here I am; entering the blogosphere as a mere padawan learner. Fortunately, I have Jedi Masters, Jay and Christian, who’ve promised to train me in the way of all things blog. 

I don’t have much interest in expressing my opinions about life or views on different subjects in this forum. Don’t get me wrong. I have as many opinions as the next guy but I think there are enough people doing that in the blogosphere already. In addition, I’m in grad school so the few reading, writing and thinking brain cells I have are already fully employed. What this blog might be useful for is providing a way for me to share what I’m learning in my theological studies and in my day to day ministry. I hope it will be helpful and appreciate anyone taking their time to read along. Stay tuned…


  • Joey Cabrera says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Just trying to follow orders and suscribe to all the blogs.. Jay’s and Christians are completed. however i cant find where to suscribe on your page. please let me know how i can do so. thanks kevin.

  • Mariela Solano says:

    I can’t figure out how to subscribe either…please help! 🙂

  • Gina Alexander says:

    hey Kevin – does posting add us in ???

  • Jennifer Clark says:

    Hi Kevin!

    So the link to sign up is in the top Right Hand of the home page labeled "Blog RSS" This takes you to a new tab and has a few drop down choices on how to receive your blog.

    However, this doesn’t have email as a choice to receive thru. I did go ahead and sign up with the Google choice as I do sometimes go to Google Reader for some of the other blogs I read.

    When you have time, would you ask Christian to add the email sign up link to the page? I know personally that will let me get it without any other thought put into it and most of our congregation probably don’t use the options listed.

    Lastly, Thank You so much for your unity as our Ministry Staff! Stephen and I are really excited about Amplify our RI !

    Love in Friendship,

    Jennifer Clark

  • Kevin Holland says:

    The subscribe window has been added!

    Blog Master

  • Curtis Reed says:

    Kevy Kev. Just dropping you a line to say hey! Now that I’m an official blogger, I’m just trying to stay connected to where the action is.

    Have a great day!


  • barbarabeneville says:

    Good stuff Kevin.

    Nice site and blogs. This is going to be great. Thanks for all you do. Love seeing Tory enjoy her first year at USC with all her facebook blogs. You and Trae did a great job. Yup, God is good…all the time.
    Have a good night.

  • barbarabeneville says:

    Nice stuff Kevin. Cool that dad and Tory are in school together. wow…thats alot of brain and heart power.

  • Ashley Fleming says:

    Hi Kevin

    I am really enjoying everyone’s entrance into "the blogosphere" as you say…..you will get a laugh out my complete lack of "Star wars" lingo……i just looked up the word "padawan" on dictionary.com, thinking, it was a new great vocabulary word…..all i got was "no dictionary results"….but over to the side, all sorts of related links to Jedi this and Jedi that, hahaha

    anyway, i am loving all these additions of thoughts and inspirations by all of you (Jay, Curtis, Christian) to further my understanding of the RI series…..it has been such a great series so far, something I am getting so much out of……so thanks!!


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