A Hand and Glove Fit

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One of the truths of spiritual church partnership is that it takes both compatibility and chemistry to make it work best.  After years of wanting a church in Latin America to connect with, God has given us a special friendship and bond with our sister church in San Salvador El Salvador. Dear friends Josue and Veronica Ortega lead the church there. They are expert church builders and heroes in our fellowship of churches. Jonathan and Karla Perkins, Chris and Viviane Boyer courageously moved there from LA to provide great leadership as well.  I had an incredible time being with the church for their 13th anniversary. They are brave, warm, giving, and inspiring people who taught me a lot.


The original vision for this congregational connection started with a few families who wanted to visit a third world country.  In November of 2009, we sent a mission team of 11 people, and they came back so deeply inspired that the entire church caught the dream.  We have sent two more teams since then, one in May of 2010, and one in October of 2010.  This has opened the door for a tremendous amount of love and support from the Turning Point to the church in San Salvador.   In fact, more member to member connection and direct benevolent contribution for the poor has been given to the church in San Salvador in these past 13 months than in the previous 13 years.

Families are supporting poor families in ES, providing scholarships so that students can go to college, funding school improvement projects, and generally befriending the members in church in San Salvador. TP members are more inspired than ever before to be personally involved in missions.  While we have had members who have gone to Moscow Russia, Mainland China, Bangalore, India, Kiev Ukraine, this year, and have plans to go to Philippines and Sub-Saharan Africa in 2011, our signature mission effort is El Salvador. As stated in the title, this really is a God sent hand and glove fit.  Check out this web page about El Salvador for more information, enjoy the pictures and video below, and pray that all these relationships and efforts help us move more people toward Christ.


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