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Christian, Curtis, Jay and I were able to attend a remarkable conference for church leaders this past week. The theme of the seminar was “Radicalis,” which is a 14th century Latin term from which we get the word radical. Among many other incredible life lessons, one thought provoking insight was that the word radical doesn’t mean what most think it means. I, like everyone else, thought that radical meant fanatical, extreme, over the top, or cool. It turns out that the word literally means “from the root.”

Consider these examples:

1. A radish is a root.

2. The term eradicate means to pull up from the roots.

3. Radical surgery is to root it out the source of disease.

4. Radical leaves are those closest to the root of a tree or plant.

5. In linguistics the radical is the form of a word after any prefixes and suffixes are removed.

6. In math, a radical expression is an expression containing a square root. 

There are many other examples that show what radical really means. The point of the conference was to inspire spiritual leaders to be authentically radical, i.e. deeply rooted in the original truths of the word of God and reliance on the Spirit of God as opposed to temporal methods and concepts. Learning new things feeds the soul. It was a great week.  More details next time…


One Comment

  • Derrick Claye says:

    Excellent! very encouraging and helpful. Clear, concise, and empowering to focus on the basics without being a maniac.

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