What I Learned This Week (#2)

By February 8, 2010 2 Comments

This past week, dozens of ministers from around the US and I got an opportunity to connect at a leadership retreat in Long Beach CA. It was encouraging hearing reports of growth and increasing health in our fellowship of churches. I had never met some of the guys but I have known most of them for many years.

It dawned on me that I can be around people who are incredible examples but not learn anything from them. It isn’t that there aren’t ample opportunities; it’s that I’m not paying attention.  So, in an effort to continue to train myself to try to be a learner, here are some things that I learned and the people from whom I learned them:

     1. Excellent preaching requires excellent preparation. – John Lusk

     2. God can change someone’s life through one conversation you have. – Gary Sciascia & Kevin Mains

     3.  Vision, hard work and consistency will pay off. – Bruce Williams

     4.  A little encouragement does wonders. – Loren Snyder

     5.  Humor is one of the greatest gifts God gives. – Doug Wens

     6.  The wisest people often ask the most questions. – Ron Quint

     7.  Sometimes God wants us to embrace a dream that wasn’t our idea initially.  – Marco Pellizieri

     8.  Praising God is about recognizing who God is, not trying to get him to do what I want. – Reese Kia-Aina

     9.  Great faith and appropriate self confidence are inspiring and contagious. –  John Causey

    10. Passion endures. – Marty Fuqua

    11. You can keep a positive attitude, even in toxic situations. – Rafael Lua 

We can and should learn from everyone we know. Life is much more interesting that way. As the apostle Paul said:But you should continue following the teachings you learned. You know they are true, because you trust those who taught you.” 2 Tim. 3:14 (NCV)                            




  • Cheen says:

    Kevin, it’s Cheen. Thanks so much for being such an example of inspiring leadership. It is so meaningful to hear someone you respect and admire share the importance of learning from others, and learning from many sources. You lead us well, friend. Thanks!!

  • gerovital h3 says:

    lifelong learning
    this is our mission on earth

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