Sowing and Reaping

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One of the inescapable truths in life is that you reap what you sow. In addition, you reap in a season later than you sow, and you reap more than you sow. What’s tough about this is that we’re wired to seek instant gratification. We want to reap right after we sow. That desire has led all of us to take some shortcuts that ended up being dead ends.

Occasionally you get to see someone enjoy a season of reaping after many years of seemingly unrewarded sowing. Sometimes there are happy endings. The video below documents some happy “middles.”

Our teens were interviewed and asked how being raised in a Christian home has made a difference in their lives. These families are far from being perfect but they are really trying to live as Christ followers. What’s amazing is seeing some of these young adults you’ve known since they were three months old respond as mature college bound disciples. God only knows how much their parents, KidsPoint teachers, teen leaders, siblings, and friends have sown into their hearts, minds, and lives. One thing that is clear is that seeing a young life fully devoted to God is breathtaking. Is it worth it? I think so. I hope this encourages us to keep sowing the best seed we can, knowing that God is faithful and that a harvest is coming. Enjoy…


Teen Legacy – 8/14/11 from TurningPoint Church on Vimeo.


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