A parable to which Rob Bell recently referred:

“It seems a first century rabbi was journeying home late from a dinner in a nearby village. There was a fork in the road that led to his village.  If he went left, he would find himself at a Roman military outpost.  If he went right he would find his way home.  It was dark and he had drunk a bit of wine and he inadvertently took the left fork.  Some time later he found himself at the wall of the outpost.  A Roman guard called out to him, ‘Who are you, and what are you doing here?’ The rabbi didn’t answer. The rabbi called back to the soldier, ‘How much are they paying you to do this?’ The guard was silent for a moment.  ‘100 denarii,’ he replied.  The rabbi said to him, “I will pay you double that to come to my house every morning and ask me that same question.’”

Who are you and what are you doing here? Have you thought about it lately? Not what do you do for a living or what’s you contact information. Seriously, who are you really and why on earth are you here? Questions about our identity seem simple at first. But once you get into them, they’re not so easy to answer.

Born Identity (No More Fake IDs) is Turning Point’s theme for the beginning of 2013. We hope to study the Scriptures and unpack some of the factors and influences that combine to make us who we are. Jesus’ clear and unambiguous understanding of his identity fueled his ability to fulfill his mission. In the same way, we hope a better understanding of our real identity, as image bearers of our Creator and as people being transformed into Christ’s image, will empower us to more faithfully follow him and to become more like him.

Sounds like a lot, huh?  Yep, that’s why we’re going to take our time with it. I can’t wait to see where God takes us this year. It should be quite a ride!

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  • R says:


    I was in the service last Sunday commemorating your years with the church. I've only been attending for a couple of months so I'm still learning who the people are and what they do. Trying to remember the names of everyone coming up to say hi, is my greatest challenge.

    I'm writing today to say thank you.

    I've become acquainted with Curtis, Chris and Agustin through their prayers and a weekly Bible study they have graciously agreed to have with me. Being very familiar with "church" for virtually all my life I came in expecting a typical atmosphere. It wasn't until this past Sunday that I could see the common thread of Biblical knowledge (and genuine compassion) which begins with you and seems to permeate every other person I've had the privilege to meet.

    You, your family and your team have totally caught me off guard with the sincere love you have for the church you Shepard. I am finding out more about myself (which isn't always enjoyable) and have no doubt that I'm on a course to a closer relationship with our Lord than I have ever known before.

    I believe that you are playing a major role in my life… through other lives you have influenced.

    Thank you for your humble strength, for your attentive ear to our Savior and for the influence you have on others like myself that you have never even met.

    More than respectfully and extremely gratefully,


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