Derrick HintonWWCOur Easter gathering this past April was huge for us. We had over 1,260 people in attendance and saw so many begin to find their place in God’s story! One of the things I remember most though, is how a couple of people saved the day, at the eleventh hour, the day before.

Around 6:00pm that Saturday, I was notified by one of our members that due to bad weather in the Midwest, our communion supplies would not be shipped in time for Easter. Why we didn’t have more in storage and weren’t better prepared is another subject for another day; sigh… Anyway, our members look forward to taking communion together each Sunday; especially that one. Dejected, I began to work on getting the disappointing word out.

That’s when Derrick Hinton went into action. Unbeknownst to me, he started searching online for nearby churches to see if any were open and had communion supplies we could use. He ended up calling Worship Walk Church and someone actually picked up the phone! Derrick went over there and they generously gave him more than enough communion supplies. All I could think of is that never in a million years would I have thought to do what Derrick did. The willingness to be suddenly inconvenienced after a long hard day, the presence of mind, and solution orientation were amazing to me. Besides all that, what are the odds that someone would be at their church late on a Saturday night? It’s still hard to believe.

So Derrick and Worship Walk Church saved the day! Thank you both again! In the future, I hope to respond to unexpected bad news the way Derrick did and hope that Turning Point will be as generous a sister church to others as Worship Walk was to us. Lesson learned (hopefully)…

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