Modern Family

Although I hope I can come to you soon, I am writing these things to you now. Then, even if I am delayed, you will know how to live in the family of God. That family is the church of the living God, the support and foundation of the truth.” 1 Timothy 3:14 (NCV)

Modern Family is a popular ABC sitcom featuring an unconventional take on family. It resonates because though every generation defines family differently, the need for it is woven into our DNA. We were made to live in community. We were formed for family.

But family is complicated, isn’t it? In the deepest part of our souls, we crave intimate relationships. At the same time, no one can push our buttons like family can.  For some, this subject evokes fond memories; for others, deep pain and agony.

Fortunately the Scripture state that God is “a father to the fatherless” and that “he sets the lonely in families.” It’s interesting that our heavenly Father describes the church as his family. Above all else, that’s what Turning Point is; a community of Chris followers; a local spiritual family in this post-modern world.

We’re contributing to this nearly 2,000 year old conversation about what a “grace and truth” filled life of discipleship looks like. I think we’ve figured some things out and are in the dark on others, just like those who came before us. All things considered, it’s just cool to give it our best effort and to be a part of the discussion.

Figuring out how to be a happy functional part of our physical family and our church family is a big deal. We’re going to take a stab at it this month; should be interesting.




Who’s Influencing You?

We all have been and are being influenced by something and someone. Accurately indentifying them is one of the most important things we’ll ever do. It is a turnkey helping us unlock who we’ve become and why. Once you know how you got to where you are you have a better shot at making progress toward who and where you want to be for God.

My grad school professors, Restoration Movement leaders, Evangelical leaders, ICOC leaders, friends, thinkers, and others have all been part of God’s inner excavation project in my heart and mind this year. It’s great to feel internal reinvention going on even when you haven’t exactly crystallized all of it. You feel more alive in those seasons, don’t you? It’s cool.

Find a teacher and learn. Find a mentor and grow. Find someone to mentor and contribute to humanity. Find out who and what God used to shape you as you figure out where he wants to take you. It’s one of the best parts of life.



One of the most life shaping questions we all have to answer at some point is this: “Who am I going to trust?” That crucial decision determines who we are and who we’ll become as much as any other. Fortunately, we can overcome the debilitating fear of being hurt by learning the art of trusting others. Watch this thought provoking 3 minute video on the subject. If you want to go a little deeper with it watch the trust app. An open heart, strengthened by healthy boundaries, is worth fighting for.



Not A Fan.

“I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.  1 Corinthians 9:22 (NIV)

Well, I’m still psyched out of my mind (to quote Miles Finch from Elf) about our Easter Service!  God gave us over 900 people in auditorium and a total attendance of right at 1,200! Beyond that, there were over 70 people who signed up for our Starting Point Orientation and 11 that participated right after service that day! That is more than double the number of people who made that kind of commitment at our Easter service last year!  Many are sure to go from being fans to completely committed followers in the month of May! Thank you God and thank you TP!               

Not A Fan Video – 4/24/2011 from TurningPoint Church on Vimeo.



Be Bold

Four Sundays ago we started a message series called Be Bold. In view of Jesus’ example and like the first disciples, we’ve asked God to enable us to speak his word boldly, a la Acts 4:29. Thankfully, we’ve made progress and look forward to the day when boldness is deeply embedded in our DNA. Click here or here to access the series. Also, view the videos below as reminders of how much people need us to be for them what bold men and women were for us.





Mike Upton Appointed An Elder

At an historic worship service yesterday, Mike Upton was appointed an elder in the Turning Point Christian Church! It was an event we will never forget. Congratulations Mike, Kim, Carly, Matt, Ryan, and Liza! “…thanks be to God, who always leads us in victory through Christ.”   2 Corinthians 2:14 (NCV)



A Sample Destiny Statement

I John/Jane Doe claim Jeremiah 29:11-14a (NIV) as my promise from God: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the LORD.”

I choose to make God s word my final authority over culture, tradition, reason or emotion (choose one). I believe that God wants the next ten years of my life to be the best and most spiritually productive ten years of my life.

Therefore, though I give God the right to change all my plans, I eagerly expect the following:


Ten years from now I will be more Christ-like in my love for God, the Word, and other people. I will have developed a deeper heart for worship, a greater love for those in my church family, and a more Christ-like compassion for the poor. My longing to know Christ (Phil. 3) will deepen and my fascination for the world will lessen.

Ten years from now I will have figured out how I best connect with God and my friendship with him will be more intimate.


Ten years from now there will be ten more people going to Heaven because God moved my heart to reach out to them. My children will be among that number. This will happen because of my decision to listen to the Spirit each time he prompts me to share my faith and to set a Christ-like example.

Ten years from now, I will have served the poor and help make disciples each year whether in El Salvador, or in Africa, or at Casa Hogar, or in an LA or Valley community service capacity, or somewhere else in the world.

Ten years from now I will have adopted a child or help fund or support someone else s adoption.


Ten years from now I will enjoy my spouse’s company more than any point in our marriage.

Ten years from now my kids/grandkids and I will be better friends then than we are now.

Ten years from now, I will have fond thoughts of all memories my family and I have made together in our home and as a family.

Ten years from now I will have a more intimate connection with my close friends than I do now. Also, my circle of close friends will be larger as my heart for people and God will have grown significantly.


Ten years from now I will look back with gratitude because I supported and provided for my family.

Ten years from now I will be working in the industry that matches my shape.

Ten years from now I will have advanced as far as possible in my company/job because I did my best in order to honor God (Colossians 3:23-24).


Ten years from now I will have paid off all my debt and have been using that money I used to spend paying it down to fund God s work in the third world and in needy areas each year.

Ten years from now I will have maintained or lessened my lifestyle so that I could give more each year to the church and to those in need.

Ten years from now I will have been working on an overall financial plan for saving, investing, building a college fund, and planning for retirement etc.


Ten years from now will have memorized sections of the Bible because I devoted myself to memorizing a new verse each month.

Ten years from now I will have become skilled in an interest I’ve always had.

Ten year from now my general knowledge of the world will have greatly expanded due to having read five to ten new books a year and having learned 50 new words a year.

Ten years from now I will have gained an undergraduate, masters, or doctorate degree.

Ten years from now I will have become fluent in Spanish or maybe Mandarin.


Ten years from now I will be in the best possible shape due to changing my diet and exercise habits. The support group I am currently a part of will help me get there. Maintaining and improving my health will allow me to be able to be a spiritual example, give more to others, and  be there for my children. Though I know aging is inevitable, I will strive to age gracefully. If stuck by an infirmity or disease, I will do the best I can with what I’ve got.


Ten years from now I will be more emotionally mature and less tossed about by life’s circumstances. I will have eagerly sought appropriate types of counseling to help me figure out why I do what I do and who I am. Though I will never have arrived I will have grown up and not just grown old. My trust in God will have grown and those who know me will have seen “my progress” (1 Tim 4:16). This will build their faith and glorify God.



Possessing Your Destiny This Decade

Seeing Andrea DeBarge get baptized earlier today was really great for my soul!  She is a remarkable person. Sido reached out to her and Leticia Kimura taught her daughter in her 3rd grade class in an elementary school in Burbank. This picture of their small group says it all. Every baptism is a miracle! I hope and pray for a miraculous 10 years together in our church family.

So many of you expressed heartfelt appreciation for the past 2 week’s messages and for the overall theme of our new series, “Possessing Your Destiny This Decade.”  Thank you very much. Honestly, what I’m most excited about is what this series and process will produce in our hearts individually and in our community of faith collectively. If you missed the message, you can go to either our media center (message notes accessible) or to Vimeo to see or listen to it.

You know, this process is exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. The prospect of trying to think 10 years ahead is really counterculture, isn’t it? Having to look at your life in a different way can be daunting but can also open you up to new possibilities of which you’d otherwise be unaware. The latter is our goal. So…take heart. We’ll take our time and go through this journey together.

See the tips below and have a great week! Kevin

This week’s PYD Coaching Tips:

I. Begin “picking your promise!”  Start looking in the Bible for YOUR promise from God. You can ask for help from your small group leader and other members. You can also use your favorite internet search engine and enter promises from God in the Bible.

II. Start thinking about, praying about, and indentifying the authority that most rival’s God’s word for supremacy in your life. Per the message today, the options are culture, tradition, reason, and emotion.

III. This week is really about dreaming and scheming so don’t worry about a lot of specifics in these areas right now.  We’ll be making more concrete action plans in the weeks to come. For now, just jot down your dreams for your life in each of the following 8 areas (they can be as short as a sentence per area or as long as you want).  Share these with your spouse, roommates and small group. Just let them flow.

My dream for where I want to be 10 years from now in my…

1. spiritual life is:

2. missional life is:

       a. people I want to lead to Christ

       b. ways I can serve the poor

       c. ways I want to serve in my community

       d. mission projects of which I want to be a part

 3. relational life is:

       a. friendships

       b. marriage

       c. with my kids

       d. with my parents

 4. professional/vocational life is:

 5. financial life is:

 6. mental life is:

    a. things I want to learn

    b. skills I want to acquire

    c. classes I want to take

    d. degrees I want to acquire

    e. languages I want to learn etc.

7. physical life:

8. emotional life is:



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Friends! 2010 was remarkable on so many levels. It is just me or was last year on fast forward? I guess time flies when you’re busy trying to change the world, huh. Here’s to Spirit led 2011, full of hopes fulfilled and visions that come to pass. I’m sure we’ll win some and lose some along the way but God always wins in the end. So let’s stay close to him and go wherever he leads us.

The pictures of the Sean Holland Family and their daughter Jordyn’s journey to baptism below illustrate what God is saying to us at the beginning of 2011: The next 10 years of your life can be the best 10 years of your life if you “Possess Your Destiny This Decade!”






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