You’ve probably had the experience of seeing or hearing something so profound that you had to tell other people about it. That’s what happened to me a few months ago. I was at a leadership conference and heard a message by my friend Reese Neyland. He is the pastor of the Glendale Ministry of the Lifeway Church, in Glendale California and has served in the leadership group of the Los Angeles International Church of Christ for over two decades. Reese has had a positive impact on many people through the years.

The title of his message was What’s Your “Why”? It had to do with where we Christians find our motivation and included, among other things, great, clarifying questions. In our spiritual lives, as in other areas, secondary and peripheral things can displace the main thing and the main thing can become obscured. What’s scary is that we’re often unaware when we’ve lost the main thing until a traumatic life event jars us into realizing that we’ve been adrift for a long time.

Jay Minor and I were so inspired by Reese’s message that we asked him to give the same message at our local church, Turning Point Church, yesterday. All I can say is that it was one to which I will refer people for years to come. It re-centered me, invigorated me, and reminded me of the one thing that matters most now and that will matter, above all else, in the end. When you have an opportunity, chick here to watch or listen to the message. It’ll be time well spent. Thanks Reese!

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